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We believe in a whole person approach to learning and development, and a results-driven people-centered approach to business management. Here at GLOW we custom our programs for your team.


Capability Development

At the core of every business are the team members who keep the wheels of progress spinning. Each one of your team members brings with them a different personality, skill set, strengths and weaknesses. For any business to perform at its highest possible standard it is imperative to understand not just the business requirements of your team members, but their personal development needs too.

The capability development aspect of our program focuses on assessing, analysing and implementing strategies to bring out the most positive aspects of your team members. This strategy takes a whole person holistic approach to managing your team members and translates each person’s full capability skill set into workable goals. 

 “Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation and change” - Brene Brown


Leadership Development

Whether you are leading a small team, a new team or are an executive leader within a company, the skills you hold as a leader will determine the productivity of your team. 

It is far too easy to lose the importance of individual key leadership skills in the daily noise of the workplace. With our bespoke Leadership Development programs, we implement a range of engaging learning pathways to draw the absolute best out of individuals and teams. 

Our goal is to guide you as you harness your full potential while simultaneously strengthening the team members who work to make your business succeed. 

 Our training incorporates blended learning methodologies that encourage participation and drive results. 

“The ability to learn is the most important quality a leader can have” - Sheryl Sandberg


Program Design

GLOW Consultancy is proud to offer the service of program design. We respect that you know your business best, so we partner with you to provide you tailor-made programs targeted specifically to your core requirements. For times where in person training is not achievable, we have the ability to provide tailor made programs targeted specifically to your core requirements. 

After carefully analysing and assessing the specific needs of your business we will use that information to plan and deliver quality development programs that will give you a return on your investment.  

When you choose to implement our program design option, along with your curated program, you can expect GLOW to be right by your side providing you any support you may need.

“The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity” - Ayn Rand


Facilitation and Training

At GLOW we understand and place value in the importance of education.

As a licensed facilitator and trainer Angell is able to dissect your learning and development needs, seek out opportunities for growth, assess quantitative performance data and deliver a multi-faceted, targeted program for your business. 

Each training program incorporates a blend of instructor led and interactive tasks. Special care is taken to ensure each program meets the physical, and personal requirements of all participants. 

At the conclusion of each training interaction, we provide you with an evaluation of the program. This can include; the identification of further learning needs, analysis of individual performance and team performance, measurement against tailored goals and key learning objectives, and the provision of further learning materials if required. 

“The goal of education is understanding, the goal of training is performance” - Frank Bell




Coaching skills are a must have for leaders who strive to reach their full potential. 

All too often the demands and pressures faced by leaders can overwhelm the human tasked with fulfilling the job. With one on one coaching, you will be able to relax in the knowledge that GLOW has taken the time to understand your role and the expectations placed on you. As a result, we will partner with to unlock your full potential and provide you with suggested tools, encouragement, support and strategies to keep you on your path to success.

By utilising GLOW’s coaching offering, you are ensuring that your leaders will become coaches themselves. The outcomes of this will be reflected in the whole team approach to the fulfilment of individual roles.

Any team is only as strong as its leader. Our coaching offering will have a two-fold effect on your business. As your leaders become confident in their position and invigorated in their role, the trickle-down effect will have substantial positive benefits on the team they lead.

“A good coach will make his players see what they can become rather than what they are” - Ara Parseghian


Culture & Engagement

Now more than ever an individual’s experience contributes to their ability to perform. As a society we are becoming more aware of the need to acknowledge and support team members, and to provide safe-spaces for our team members. 

As we continue to educate ourselves on the different needs of groups that we regularly interact with, it is necessary to take what we have learned and integrate that into our businesses. 

By creating a nurturing environment where every team member feels valued, we receive increased productivity in return. 

GLOW consultancy believes that when every team member feels heard, seen and respected, then every team member will strive to engage fully in their role. 

After careful analysis of the internal data you have collected on your culture and engagement, Angell will deliver a custom designed program to meet the needs of your team and the overall direction of your business.

Our bespoke culture and engagement programs can be executed as a standalone segment, or integrated into our other packages for maximum results.

“Investing in the connections among team members both increases productivity and reduces risk” - Margaret Heffernan


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